Villa Casdagli gift campaign

Villa Casdagli gift campaign

When you smoke one of our Villa Casdagli vitolas, don’t forget to look at the back of the cigar ring! You may be lucky to find one of the 24 hidden gifts issued to celebrate the launch of the Villa Casdagli Line!

The gifts include the brand new series of the Peacock Collection accessories by Villa Casdagli Collection. The Peacock Collection is inspired by the gallant peacock tail shaped stained glass window adorning the grand reception room of the Villa Casdagli in Cairo.

There are 24 gifts hidden on the back of the Villa Casdagli Line cigar rings:
👉🏻 10x The Peacock Collection silk pocket square (marking on the ring: silk square);
👉🏻 5x The Peacock Collection Twilly women’s silk scarf (marking on the ring: neck scarf);
👉🏻 5x The Peacock Collection porcelain ashtray (marking on the ring: ashtray);
👉🏻 2x The Peacock Collection sterling silver enamelled cufflinks (marking on the ring: cufflinks);
👉🏻 2x LE PETIT Peacock Collection cigar knife x LES FINES LAMES (marking on the ring: L.F.L)

When you find a Villa Casdagli ring with the winning marking on its back, please make a photo of it and fill in the form here:

Open form

Each winning marking on the back of the cigar ring is a combination of different colors and different handwritings, which is known only to us. The first person to send us a photo of the winning combination, is eligible to receive the corresponding gift.

The gift campaign is valid until the 31st of March 2022 or until all the gifts of the campaign have been found and sent out. We reserve the right to change and halt the gift campaign at any point.

We will contact you at the first opportunity to agree the sending of the gift. In case of any questions regarding the Villa Casdagli gift campaign, please contact us by sending an email at info@casdaglicigars.com

Good luck! Hope you enjoy the Villa Casdagli Line!