The BlockChainSmoker

Casdagli Cigars enters the crypto world in partnerhip with The Blockchainsmoker, an NFT membership cigar club for exclusive access to crypto themed premium cigars, incubated by leading Cardano NFT project: The Ape Society.
Through the incubator program ‘The Factory’ from The Ape Society, The Blockchainsmoker will this year, with a target date of March, launch their NFT collection to exclusively serve those with passion for both Blockchain technology and very special, high-quality cigars. Through NFTs on the Cardano network, The Blockchainsmoker club will launch instantly collectible cigars from many different brands. Each brand will produce these cigars exclusively as one-off limited editions for the cigar club, the first one coming from Casdagli Cigars. Upon launch, it will be the world’s first cigar club that exclusively offers cigars tailored to the crypto space. 

Unbeknownst to many, one of the inventions that will change the world dramatically, in a multitude of ways, is NFTs. NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token’, they are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain, and they cannot be replicated. They can represent digital or real-world items like artwork and real estate or in this case, membership to a cigar club. The Blockchainsmoker team strongly believes that utility NFTs are ‘the future’ and wants to be pioneers in this space. Here is how that is going to happen. 

Sitting down in a cigar lounge, the discussion typically starts with “What are you smoking?”. With a cigar from The Blockchainsmoker, there should be no shortage of interest for a conversation, not only about the cigar but also the unique club concept behind it. 

So how does this cigar club concept work? There are three levels of access to privileges within the membership NFTs:
– the entry level is the ‘Club Lounge’ with 2000 NFTs,
– the second level is ‘VIP Lounge’ with 200 NFTs and
– the top level is ‘VIP Inner Lounge’, also with 200 NFTs. 

When you buy a membership NFT, you will – according to the different levels – be airdropped (for free) NFTs with allocation rights to buy Limited-Edition, Ultra Limited Edition, and/or Special Concept cigars. The cigars can be redeemed through the website and shipped worldwide. Airdrop NFTs that are not redeemed, can be sold on the open market. All cigars will be shipped through Casdagli Cigars once orders have been taken through the custom-made allocation-NFT redemption web interface from The Blockchainsmoker. 

In addition, only membership NFTs will have access to all the extras that will be launched over time: events, accessories, exclusive dinners with founders and much more. 

The cigar club concept kicks off with a fantastic cigar from Casdagli Cigars. The first batch is already produced, matured, and boxed. The target launch date for the NFT mint is March of 2023.  

Want to know more about The Blockchainsmoker Club?
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The website is

For those new to crypto, there is a guide on how to get started and how to purchase The Blockchainsmoker NFTs. One of our goals is to make the transition easy for as many cigar lovers as possible, so they can be part of something new and exciting. 

The partnership with Casdagli Cigars, makes for a perfect “marriage” with The Blockchainsmoker. 

“As well as being the home of Skype, Wise and Bolt, Estonia is famed as being one of the most IT savvy countries in the world. As a result, our lounge in Tallinn is often full of high-tech entrepreneurs. I am very excited to team up with two true Web3 visionaries, Martin and Rune, who also happen to be enthusiastic Casdagli Cigars’ aficionados to create this unique project,” says Jeremy Casdagli, the Owner of Casdagli Cigars and one of the three Founders of The Blockchainsmoker.
“We look forward to building relationships within the cigar industry and jointly deliver some truly amazing cigars to this club from many different brands”, Casdagli adds.

“The smoking experience from any Casdagli cigar leaves no doubt about the quality we can deliver,” says Rune Wennesland, also a Co-Founder of The Blockchainsmoker. “If you are in the crypto community and you are going to buy quality cigars, why not go for a concept that ignites both passion for cigars and for the Blockchain space? We are in a unique position with technical Blockchain knowledge, access to cigars and cigar brands to partner with, 25 years of experience with cigar production, near world-wide distribution in place, and a lot of passion for what we do,” Wennesland continues. “And what better gift to a crypto “Whale” than a box of cigars called just that, ‘The Whale’,” he concludes. 

We are proud and excited to be part of The Ape Society’s incubator program, The Factory. 

One of the most difficult and expensive undertakings in the crypto community is attracting attention and getting real, targeted exposure. After getting in contact with The Ape Society, both teams quickly realised this partnership was “meant to be”.
Wennesland explains The Ape Society offered us to be part of their recently launched incubator programme, ’The Factory’. We gladly accepted their offer, and truly believe this gives us an ideal starting point with the strenght and reach they have through their passionate community“. The incubation programme focuses on three main features: 1) Exposure in the crypto community, 2) minting of the NFT Membership Collection through their trusted partner Anvil, and 3) mentorship through their extensive experience from concept and community building within the NFT field. 

Cardman from The Ape Society explains: “The Blockchainsmoker is breaking new ground by leveraging web3 technology to connect individuals with similar offline interests. The Ape Society is honoured to work with a brand associated with such history and quality.  Traditional NFT communities have focused solely on digital identity, but offering a tangible in-person activity adds a new layer and level of utility to the market. We’re excited to see how the crypto community embraces The Blockchainsmoker and the ripple effect of the collection to the broader market as eyes are opened to the potential of bringing activities that have largely been offline to the web3 space.” 

Meet The Blockchainsmoker founders