IGM Boutique Factory


IGM Cigars is an exclusive boutique factory in San Jose, Costa Rica that has been making some unique sizes and blends for Casdagli Cigar’s Saudi market since 2013. IGM Cigars is a family business with Cuban roots that produces its tobacco in the mountainous region of Santa Marta de Puriscal at more than 3000 feet high under unique conditions that this region brings to the tobacco plant. We are lucky to work with one of the most gifted agricultural engineers from Cuba – Jose Gonzalez Ferrer, who creates truly unique and rare tobaccos for Casdagli Cigars.

 This is where our Daughters of the Wind (2018) and Cypher 3311 (2022) lines are handcrafted. Produced in Costa Rica, the cigars make use of an atypical range of tobaccos, including Dominican Caramelo and Peruvian Pinar throughout the filler, a Costa Rican binder, and a new Costa Rican Claro wrapper.