Cabinet Selection

"The Cabinet Selection was born during a most interesting conversation I had with Mr Martin Brix Nelson of Kind Cigars. What would be the perfect cigar addition to the Swedish coffee shops... and what would be its name? We knew a small formatted cigar with a rich taste was needed. Thus the first cigar of the Cabinet Selection Line "The Rosetta" was born."

Jeremy Casdagli

In the early 1900s it became fashionable amongst the British upper classes to order bespoke cigars in plain, square cedar wood boxes. On arrival to their estates these boxes would be slotted into custom made decorative cabinets.

True to the original spirit of the origins of this line, these cigars all carry coffee related names: Rosetta, Ristretto, Romano.

The Cabinet Selection cigars are adorned with the Dominican Cotui wrapper grown for the KBF factory by Hendrik Kelner Jr.’s sister Monika Kelner.

As originally intended, the sweet floral notes of the Cotui combined with the rich binder and filler leaves deliver the perfect cigar to be enjoyed alongside a premium coffee.

Rosetta of Cabinet Selection by Casdagli Cigars

46 x 4''

Casdagli Cabinet Selection Rosetta Maduro

Rosetta Maduro
46 x 4''

Romano of Cabinet Selection by Casdagli Cigars

(Petit Corona)
40 x 5''

Ristretto of Cabinet Selection by Casdagli Cigars

(Petit Robusto)
50 x 4''