Club Mareva Line

"We are delighted to become partners with Jeremy Casdagli, and together with Hendrik I believe we have created some truly unique flavours."

Marko Bilić, Founder and President of Cigar Club Mareva

In 2014 to celebrate the partnership with Cigar Club Mareva, home of the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC), Casdagli Cigars launched the Club Mareva Line.

Based in a 1500s Venetian building in the heart of the historic city of Split, the Cigar Club Mareva is the labour of love of its founder Marko Bilić who designed the interior and hosts cigar smokers there from around the world.

Each Club Mareva Line blend is personally selected by Marko Bilić and carefully created by Casdagli Cigars’ Master blender Hendrik Kelner Jr.


(Wide Churchill)
55 x 5,25''

Gran Mareva
(Petit Corona)
42 x 5,5''

Gran Mareva Gold of Club Mareva Line by Casdagli Cigars

Gran Mareva Gold
(Petit Corona)
42 x 5,5''

Mareva Especial
(Corona Grande)
42 x 6''


Mareva Spalato No. 2
49 x 6''