Villa Casdagli Line

"I have been working closely with Don Olman on specialist projects for Casdagli Cigars for over 8 years and thus it was a natural that we would eventually commit to making a whole line of cigars together,"

Jeremy Casdagli

It was back in 2012 when Jeremy first met Don Olman at what was then known as the Vegas Santiago factory up in the hills of Puriscal, Costa Rica. “This was where I was first introduced to the Peruvian tobacco which as many know soon became my favorite tobacco when it comes to the blending process,” says Jeremy.

In 2018, when on a visit to the factory, now called Tabacos de Costa Rica, Jeremy became aware of Don Olman’s “mejorado” (improvement) process where many of his tobaccos that he imports go through a further fermentation process for up to 4 months in the “pilon”.  Although expensive in time and labour the tobaccos that go through this process are further enriched.

The Villa Casdagli Line blends consist of “mejorado” tobaccos from Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Peru. These complex cigars are amongst our strongest with a rich body – a perfect celebration of the beautiful and exotic Villa Casdagli in Cairo.

Villa Casdagli Campaign

54 x 6''


54-58 x 5''


Corona Gorda
(Corona Gorda)
46 x 5,6''


52 x 5''


42 x 7''