Key Partners

Our carefully chosen partners play a big part in the core of our business. Here are some of the great companies that allow us to make Casdagli Cigars happen.

Kelner Boutique Factory
After working closely for 19 years with his father Hendrik “Henke” Kelner at Davidoff, Hendrik Jr attained a natural ability in the technical art of blending premium tobacco. This skill applied to the rare and unique tobaccos that he is able to procure for Casdagli cigars. This is one of the key factors in transforming Casdagli Cigars into a truly internationally recognised brand.
IGM Boutique Factory
By introducing Casdagli Cigars to his own unique tobaccos and allowing Jeremy a free hand in helping with the selection of some of these exotic tobaccos for the chosen blends the small team at IGM has helped Casdagli Cigars maintain the recent momentum in its growth.
Cigar Box and Co. Ciboco
We have been working with Bob for over 7 years developing our cigar boxes. He is one of the most creative cigar box designers in the Dominican Republic and is often called on to create special box designs and humidors for the world famous ProCigar event. Jeremy and Bob have developed a close friendship and often team up together to play dominos taking on all comers whilst puffing away on Casdagli cigars.
Boveda Inc
We were proud to team up with this award winning company in 2018. All boxes of our cigars leaving both our factories in Dominican Republic and Costa Rica are now protected by Boveda humidification packs ensuring our smokes get delivered to our clients in perfect condition. It was a great pleasure to get to know Jay Fifield and the Boveda team during IPCPR 2019. Check out the video interview he conducted.
Cigar Rings
Cigar Rings have already earned a reputation as one of the most repected cigar ring producers in the world. It has been very rewarding developing the rings that adorn our cigars with Maria Lopez and the Cigar Rings team.
Cigar Club Mareva
Cigar Club Mareva is the home of the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) in Split, Croatia established by one of the most inspirational and charismatic men in the cigar business - Marko Bilić. With a shared passion to both the traditions and luxurious designs and tastes that encompass the premium cigar business a natural partnership developed. To celebrate the partnership with Cigar Club Mareva, Casdagli Cigars launched the Club Mareva Line in 2014 at the opening of the club.
D'Boiss Bespoke Club
D'Boiss Bespoke Club is a concept store in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia born out of Luke Dobbs' long experience working with luxury and bespoke brands. Casdagli Cigars used to be called Bespoke Cigars, hence the partnership was obvious. Luke has inspired the creation of many of our Villa Casdagli Collection accessories. D'Boiss Bespoke Club houses the Bespoke Cigar Lounge by Casdagli offering the full range of Casdagli Cigars. Also, it is the headquarters of Casdagli Cigars.
Nils Langhoff
Nils can now look back on over 25 years of experience in carpentry craftsmanship. He is passionate about fine woods and the art of carpentry. Jeremy met Nils at a cigar event in Munich. Nils professed his love of cigars and desire to start creating humidors, uniting his passion and his craft. It was just a short step and the Villa Casdagli Collection humidor range was born.
Holstinin Custom Jewellery
Our partnership with Vitali started from the search of a key head maker for Villa Casdagli Collection humidors. And the further ambitions to expand our selection of accessories led us entrusting him with the crafting of soon to be launched exclusive Villa Casdagli Collection cufflinks. A meeting with Vitali is always conducted over a cigar or two in our lounge. Many of inspirational ideas have come forth when surrounded in the aroma of fine cigars. Jeremy's great-uncle Emmanuel would be proud.
Coffee People
Meeting Annar of Coffee People was like a meeting of like minds. His dedication to source simply the best and most exotic coffee beans no matter how small the plantation, matched exactly our approach and philosophy to tobacco.