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From the 1st of April 2024 Casdagli Cigars will be distributed by trade by CigarKings on the German market. Concurrently, trade by CigarKings is also set to become the exclusive distributor in Germany for the Smoking Jacket brand, crafted at the Kelner Boutique Factory, under an arrangement where Casdagli Cigars retains the rights for distribution across Europe, with the exception of France and Switzerland. 

Kleinlagel Charles Fairmorn, previously the sole distributor for Casdagli Cigars and Smoking Jacket in Germany, is no longer associated with the brands’ distribution in the region. “We sincerely thank Kleinlagel Charles Fairmorn for their early support and commitment to Casdagli Cigars, helping to grow the brand significantly over the last ten years,” says Jeremy Casdagli, the Founder and CEO of Casdagli Cigars. 

“We are currently in the process of setting up the necessary facilities and procedures to be fully stocked with our cigar lines for the orders by the 1st of April launch date. Our aim is to give a new push to the brand in the market and increase our presence in more points of sale all around the country. We will be planning to secure an increased supply for the German market of some of our most sought after vitolas as well as introducing some new releases over the summer,” adds Casdagli. 

“We are thrilled to announce the commencement of our partnership with Casdagli Cigars, marking a significant milestone for trade by CigarKings. As we expand our portfolio, we are excited to introduce these exceptional cigars to the German market, offering aficionados a taste of the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica craftsmanship. This collaboration not only enriches our product range but also underscores our commitment to providing our customers with the finest selections. Moreover, this venture is more than just business; it’s a testament to the strong bonds and shared values between our companies, rooted in mutual respect and a passion for excellence. We look forward to a successful journey ahead, bringing together the best of both worlds to our discerning clientele,” says Philipp Kugler, the Founder and CEO of trade by CigarKings 

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