Casdagli Cigars presents a new line of cigars named after Generals who fought in the Napoleonic wars and who gained fame not just for their fighting prowess but also for their love of tobacco. The Brothers of the Sabre will be presented at this years PCA Trade Show held 7-11 July in Las Vegas, USA. The Brothers of the Sabre will be available as a general production to Casdagli Cigars’ distributors in the USA from August and the rest of the world from September 2023. 

Each year over the next 4 years 2 new General’s lines will be launched. Each General will have a small line of 2-3 vitolas. Moreover for the two lines released each year one would be for France, the other for the coalition of Great Britain, Prussia, Austria and Russia. Eventually there will be eight Generals honoured. The blends are chosen in some way that would characterize the general these were crafted for. 

For 2023’s first release two Generals that will be honoured: the “Brave” line for France’s Marshal Michel Ney (nicknamed “The Brave”) would be subtle and smooth whilst the “Forrader” line for Prussia’s Generalfeldmarschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher (nicknamed “General Forwards”) has a deceptive strength. 

The Brothers of the Sabre is the first new line of Casdagli Cigars produced by Hendrik Kelner Jr since the launch of the Cabinet Selection in 2016. 

“I have long been fascinated by the Napoleon’s attempt to conquer Europe, right from my very early years at prep school at the age of 8. When I discovered that the Napoleon’s Grand Armée was largely responsible for spreading cigar smoking across the continent, I set forth to honour those generals on all sides that were famous for their love of glory and tobacco. All of these Napoleonic Generals wore their sabres into battle so I believe this an appropriately dynamic name for these warriors we seek to honour,” says Jeremy Casdagli, the Founder of Casdagli Cigars. 

“I needed to find generals that had an interesting anecdote about their relationship with tobacco. I am pleased that I eventually managed to find anecdotes honouring the counterparts who fought for France, Prussia, Austria, Russia and Great Britain. Some of them actually dying with tobacco in their hand. The anecdotes are presented inside the cigar boxes,” adds Jeremy. 

 In celebration of the new cigar line there will also be thematic silk pocket squares released. The pocket squares will soon be available for purchase at the Villa Casdagli Collection online shop. 

  Brave Robusto  Brave Piramide  Forrader Robusto  Forrader Piramide 
Gauge  50  53  50  53 
Length  4,9”  6,5”  4,9’’  6,5’’ 
Wrapper  Ecuador  Ecuador  Ecuador  Ecuador 
Binder  Dominican  Dominican  Dominican  Dominican 
Filler  Dominican  Dominican Dominican, USA, Zimbabwe  Dominican, USA, Zimbabwe 


All cigars come in 20 count natural cedar piano top boxes.
The MSRP for the Robustos will be $17,50 and for the Piramides $21 per cigar in the US.
Market release: Available in the USA early August 2023 and in rest of the world in September 2023. 

The Brothers of the Sabre cigars are blended especially for Casdagli Cigars by Hendrik Kelner Jr of the famous Kelner family of Master blenders at the Kelner Boutique Factory in Dominican Republic. 

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