Casdagli Cigars uses Boveda

That’s right. Bespoke Cigars is joining the elite group of cigar brands that package with the leader in 2-way humidity Boveda. From November you’ll find Boveda precision humidity control packets in every Bespoke cigar box. We are very happy for our new partnership as we can be sure that our cigars are taken care by the best. So that the carefully blended and hand-made cigars reach our clients in the best condition, as they were meant to be.

Why Boveda is different from the rest? It’s all about the salt. And precision.
The not-so-secret ingredient behind the Boveda 2-way precision humidity control packets is a saturated salt solution that provides the capacity to add and/or remove moisture and still maintain the specific Relative Humidity (RH). Without salt, any humidity “control” only has a starting Relative Humidity that changes wildly as soon as it gives up or absorbs water.
Boveda 2-way humidity control packets are specific, reliable and predictable. Boveda means precision.