The Casdagli Cigars’ the Daughters of the Wind Pony Express will be now available for worldwide release. This cigar was previously available only in the USA market through Small Batch Cigar. Whilst the Pony Express is still available exclusively to Small Batch Cigar within the USA, Casdagli Cigars decided to meet the growing interest in the rest of its markets by extending its production of this limited edition.

The Pony Express was launched in November 2019 based on the Daughters of the Wind Line. The main modification is the extra amount of the Dominican Oscuro Ligero filler that further enriches and strengthens the Daughters of the Wind Line blend. The other change to the Daughters of the Wind Line blend is that the Pony Express is embraced with two binder leaves now including a Nicaraguan Esterli binder along with the Costa Rican Puriscal. This 48 x 6’’ corona gorda is the first box-pressed release for Casdagli Cigars.

The new limited edition Pony Express will be available for delivery in November 2020. Each box contains 15 cigars. This limited edition will be restricted to 20,000 cigars to be produced over the next 2 years.

Name: Pony Express
Vitola: Box-pressed Corona Gorda
Gauge: 48, box pressed
Length: 6”
Wrapper: Ecuador
Double Binder: Costa Rica, Nicaragua
Filler: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Peru
Strength: Medium to Full
Body: Medium to Full
Made in Costa Rica at the IGM factory

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