House of Glory ashtray

This unique porcelain cigar ashtray belongs to the “House of  Glory” series of our cigar accessories.

The custom cigar ashtray is adorned with the image of the watercolor painting called “House of Glory”. The painting was gifted to Jeremy Casdagli by a Polish artist and cigar enthusiast Elena Tronina. It represents the artist’s interpretation of the essence of Villa Casdagli.

The House of Glory porcelain cigar ashtray is crafted 100% in Portugal. It is designed to allow 4 cigars to rest.


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Additional information

Weight 665 g
Dimensions 205 × 205 × 65 mm

17 x 17 x 3 cm


405 g


100% Portuguese porcelain


Packed in a decorative green Villa Casdagli Collection box