PUNCH BRACELET – Villa Casdagli Eye

PUNCH BRACELET-Villa Casdagli Eye represents the 3rd time collaboration with the LES FINES LAMES.

This adjustable bracelet with a hidden sharp punch cutter ushers in good fortune and positive change. Each bracelet is decorated with two protective Nazar eye-beads, accompanied by deep green malachite beads and a silver charm.

It is a limited edition of 99 bracelets!


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Additional information

Weight 150 g

One size fits all, adjustable from 15 cm to 21 cm


8mm glass and malachite beads, silver charm, 7mm 316L stainless steel puncher


The box includes your PUNCH BRACELET and a cleaning tool to take the cigar bit off your punch, every 5-6 punched cigars


Packed in a decorative black LES FINES LAMES x Villa Casdagli Collection box