Tanned leather cigar holder (large)

Villa Casdagli Collection leather cigar holders are exclusive handmade products of Italian excellence – quality calf leather, seemless construction, unique patinaed finishing, skilled craftsmanship.

The tanned leather patinaed finish of this cigar holder is chosen to replicate the natural shades of tobacco leaves. Patina finishing makes it even more unique resembling the men who carry them.

The larger version of the Villa Casdagli leather cigar holders are designed to fit comfortably up to a 60 gauge vitola in each of its 3 fingers.


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Additional information

Weight 205 g
Dimensions 19.5 × 8.7 × 2.15 mm

15,5 x 8 x 3,3 cm. Fits comfortably 3 x 60 gauge vitolas


Italian natural calf leather, patinaed finish


The cigar holder is packaged in a decorative Villa Casdagli suede bag and box