Villa Casdagli black-white cigar cutter

Villa Casdagli guillotine cigar cutter is a head turner for its unique pattern and elegant streamlined design.

The cigar cutter bears the pattern directly drawn from the original wallpaper decorating the Byzantine style reception room of Villa Casdagli in Cairo, Egypt.

The Villa Casdagli guillotine cigar cutter is made in partnership with XIKAR utilising their Xi1 model. Its lightweight aluminium body encases the hardest, sharpest double guillotine steel blades in a spring loaded, ergonomic teardrop shape that will fit comfortably in your hand for a perfect cut every time. Depending on how much cap you cut, they will cut up to a 60 ring gauge cigar.

The Villa Casdagli cigar cutter is available both in colour and black and white. Choose your own!


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Additional information

Weight 175 g
Dimensions 170 × 125 × 65 mm

7,7 x 4,5 cm


50 g


Lightweight aluminium body, 440 stainless steel blades


Packed in a decorative padded box