TrophyWinners23_Jeremy Casdagli

We did it! Villa Casdagli Line was voted the Best Boutique Brand Costa Rica 2023!

The winners of the coveted public awards were announced on September 14 2023 at the industry trade fair Intertabac Dortmund.
Cigar Trophy is curated by Cigar Journal since 1998. To determine the shortlists the readers are asked to nominate their top-candidates in the categories of Best Brand, Best Cigar, Best Value, Best Boutique Brand, Best Accessory, and Best Lounge and then to vote the winner from the top five.

Casdagli Cigars’ team is utterly thankful to everybody who has made the victory possible. From the excellence of production by Tabacos de Costa Rica, the support of worldwide distributors and retailers to the enthusiasm and loyalty of the cigar smokers. Lastly, but not leastly, thank you to Cigar Journal for keeping the Cigar Trophy Awards going. We’re humbled and deeply touched by the recognition.

In addition to Villa Casdagli Line another two of our cigar lines were nominated for Cigar Trophy awards 2023:
the Daughters of the Wind Line in the category of the Best Brand Other countries and Traditional Line in the category of the Best Boutique Brand Dominican Republic. For the Daughters of the Wind Line it was the third consecutive year to be nominated.