Villa Casdagli Colossus ashtray

The Villa Casdagli Colossus luxury porcelain cigar ashtray is the first accessory that was ever made to order for the predecessor of Casdagli Cigars – Bespoke Cigars. Like the name suggests the Colossus cigar ashtray is adorned with images of the Colossus of Rhodes – the symbol steeped with family history on our logo.

This unique ceramic cigar ashtray is of very limited production, only 20 were ever made. The hand painted decoration allowed slight variations in the design. Look closely of the product photos and choose your favorite!

The Villa Casdagli Colossus cigar ashtray is made from the famed Limoges porcelain of France and is hand painted with 24 karat gold. It is designed to allow 2 cigars to rest.


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Additional information

Weight 975 g
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 85 mm

19,5 x 16 x 3,5 cm


100% Limoges porcelain


535 g


Packed in a decorative box