Green Smoking Socks (Mid-Calf)

Looking to give your outfit the edge? You’ll quickly look the part – these socks are smoking!

We designed the Smoking Socks to spread sophistication and tradition. These timeless classics fit all occasions and especially any cigar smoking instance. No doubt while wearing this piece you’ll rake up with compliments by how smoking hot you dressed.

Each pair of socks is knitted using 200 needles that gives the socks a finer and stronger finish. And it enables to render the design with extraordinary levels of detail.

The Smoking Socks features an exclusive design, comes in two colours and two lengths.


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Additional information

Weight 105 g

Fits all sizes


100% combed cotton, 200 needle knitted


Made in Turkey exclusively for Villa Casdagli Collection


Wrapped in silk paper and packed in a decorative Villa Casdagli Collection box