House of Glory silk womens scarf (pink)

House of Glory custom made silk scarf complements our accessory selection for the ladies. This incredibly ornate and intricately detailed silk scarf is luxuriously smooth to the touch and light in weight.

The House of Glory pink silk scarf is inspired by the life led in the Villa Casdagli in the early 1900s. Originally painted in watercolours by a Polish artist and cigar enthusiast Elena Tronina.
χαλεπα τα καλα – beautiful/good things are difficult to attain, an ancient Greek aphorism, is the motto of the Casdagli family.

Wear it to your liking as a headscarf, around your neck or as you wish to complete your outfit.


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Additional information

Weight 55 g

89 x 89 cm


100% silk, stitched by hand


Made in Italy exclusively for Villa Casdagli Collection


Packed in a decorative Villa Casdagli Collection box