The Peacock Twilly silk scarf

Meet the Peacock Collection Twilly silk scarf! Small, but colorful, a twilly scarf can easily work with any outfit and may be tied at the neck, head, wristor on a bag. A twilly can easily glamorise your everyday wardrobe and accessories in surprising ways. 

The Peacock Collection Twilly scarf is crafted in silk with a unique vibrant orange pattern. It draws inspiration from the gallant peacock tail shaped stained glass window adorning the grand reception room of the Villa Casdagli in Cairo.

The Peacock Collection Twilly silk scarf is part of the accessory range created in celebration of the Villa Casdagli cigar line.

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Additional information

Weight 7 g

90 x 6 cm


100% silk


Made in Italy exclusively for Villa Casdagli Collection


Packed in a decorative Villa Casdagli Collection bag